Variety of Homemade Tarts

    Goats cheese & prosciutto
    Tomato thyme and pancetta
    Fig and goats cheese
    Leek and feta

    Mountain Style Macaroni and Cheese

    The traditional crowd pleasing favourite with a sophisticated twist

    Spinach & Beef Cannelloni

    Minced beef and spinach in pasta tubes with a rich white sauce topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses

    Traditional Beef Lasagna

    Layers of premium minced beef with fresh pasta and a rich tomato sauce

    Pumpkin and Goats Cheese Lasagna

    Roasted pumpkin, baby spinach and goat’s cheese baked in layers of fresh pasta

    Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Pasta Shells

    Traditional Italian baked pasta

    Coq Au Vin

    Traditional french dish with mushrooms and lashings of red wine

    Chicken with Mushroom and Tarragon

    Creamy chicken, mushrooms and bacon with a hint of tarragon

    Moroccan Chicken with Pistachio Cous Cous

    The best of Middles Eastern flavours

    Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic

    Classic French country dish the garlic is slow cooked so has a soft sweet flavour

    Chicken Breasts with Ricotta Stuffing

    Chicken breasts stuffed with a ricotta and herb stuffing and wrapped in prosciutto

    Lamb Shanks

    Slowed cooked in a rich tomato and fruit chutney sauce

    Braised Lamb with Preserved Lemon

    Slow cooked lamb with the full flavour of preserved lemon

    Slow Cooked Leg of lamb

    Spring lamb stuffed and baked for 5 hours

    Apricot Lamb Casserole

    Tender lamb simmered with apricots

    Tender lamb simmered with apricots

    Tender veal in a rustic winter sauce

    Moroccan Beef

    Slow cooked beef with a Moroccan tange

    Beef Bourguignonne

    Premium beef slow cooked in port and red wine

    Mexican pulled Pork

    Delicious with Mexican accompaniments of salsa and guacamole and red rice

    Crackling wrapped Pork loin

    Stuffed with Pumpkin and pine nuts

    Bacon wrapped pork fillet

    Cooked on a bed of caramelized apple


    Creamy mashed potato

    Potato gratin

    Crispy potato with parmesan, basil and chilli flakes

    Kumera, pancetta and parmesan mash

    Cauliflower cheese

    Cauliflower, pomegranate and pine nut

    Fried rice

    Indian saffron rice

    Mexican red rice

    Rice pilaf


    Baby vegetable salad

    Herb tossed cous cous

    Cous cous with summer vegetables

    Crispy french baguette

    Fresh garden salad

    Greek salad

    Caprese salad

    Mixed tomato with burrata

    Haloumi, baby spinach and pomegranate salad

    Iceberg lettuce with bacon, pine nuts and buttermilk dressing

    Cannellini, red onion and rocket salad

    Green lentil, asparagus and feta Salad

    Avocado and mango salad

    Baby spinach & prosciutto salad

    Pancetta, sweet potato and parmesan crisp salad

    Rocket & parmesan

    Fresh green bean salad

    Watermelon and feta

    Sweet potato & watercress salad

    Traditional potato salad

    Hot german potato salad

    Radicchio, avocado and walnut salad

    Traditional caesar salad

    Cold Dishes

    King Prawns

    Shelled Fresh medium Australian king prawns with a trio of dipping sauces

    Sydney Rock Oysters

    Sydney Rock Oysters on the half shell served with lemon, mirin & wasabi dipping sauce and mango & chilli salsa.

    Gravlax of Salmon

    Fresh ocean salmon cured in salt and citrus served with traditional accompaniments

    Grilled Tuna

    Delicious rare tuna with fennel, citrus and black olive

    Roast Beef

    Rare roast beef with a garlic and mustard crust served with traditional béarnaise sauce

    Baked Ham

    Barbecued maple glazed leg ham with fresh rolls and assorted mustards

    Rolled Turkey Breast

    Oven baked turkey breast stuffed with figs and leek wrapped in pancetta

    Smoked Salmon Mousse

    Creamy smoked salmon mousse served with smoked salmon, capers red onion & lemon

    Thai Beef Salad

    Seared spicy beef on a bed of Asian herbs

    Middle Eastern Chicken Salad

    Marinated chicken served on a bed of char grilled capsicum with pine nuts coriander and a pomegranate dressing

    Haloumi, Fig and Crispy Pancetta Salad

    A delicious combination featuring the salty cheese and pancetta off set by the sweetness of summer figs

    Torn Fig, Mozzarella and Prosciutto salad

    A different take on this classic combination with the earthy flavours of the fig meets salty meat and lactic cheese, punctuated by crunchy sourdough

    Vietnamese Prawn and Vermicelli Salad

    Light Vietnamese salad with lashings of fresh herbs

    Asian Prawn and Scallop Salad

    Light Vietnamese salad with lashings of fresh herbs

    On The Barbecue

    Barbecued Prawns with a Rocket Aioli

    Fresh Australian medium king prawns lightly marinated and the barbecued served with a creamy rocket aioli

    Skewered Chicken Tenderloin with Mint Coriander Sauce

    Moist chicken marinated and served with a tangy sauce

    Seared Sword Fish in a Chilli, Lime Marinade

    Skewers of swordfish with a hint of chilli

    Bite Sized Mixed Chipolata Sausages with Tomato Sauce

    Delicious range of specialty award winning sausages

    Marinated Lamb Cutlets with honey pistachio chutney

    Tender lamb cutlets marinated and then barbecued

    Fillet Mignon

    Baby Fillet mignon served with homemade béarnaise sauce

    American Pork Ribs

    Twice cooked pork ribs in a rich tex-mex marinade

    Crispy Skin Salmon

    Crispy skin salmon with Moroccan Herbs and preserved lemon


    Traditional Pavlova

    Light fluffy pavlova topped with the best of summer fruits

    Strawberry Vacherin

    Crisp layers of almond meringue joined by rich chocolate and cream and topped with strawberries

    Warm Berry Crumble

    Old fashioned crumble with a modern twist, using seasonal fruits

    Home Made Ice Cream

    White Chocolate and Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream served with baby meringues

    Chocolate Mousse

    Light and fluffy and deliciously decadent

    White chocolate and crème fraiche mousse with passionfruit syrup

    For lovers of white chocolate the rich creamy mousse is perfectly complimented by the passionfruit

    Caramel Yoghurt Ice Cream Cake

    Deep caramel flavours in a refreshing ice cream can be served with meringues or almond bread

    Almond Star Cake

    Served with mixed Berries and Passionfruit Crème Anglaise

    Lemon Tart

    Light buttery pastry filled with a tangy lemon butter

    Fig cake

    Homed Baked Fig Cake with Honey Syrup served with Double Cream

    Chocolate date torte

    Topped with fresh cream and berries

    Lavender Crème Brulee

    A light twist on this traditional French dessert served in individual portions

    Oranges in a Red Wine Syrup

    Refreshing light syrupy oranges served with a rich mascarpone cream

    Black Forest Cake

    Traditional rich German chocolate dessert cake

    Fruit Salad

    The best of the seasonal fruits served with rich vanilla ice cream and almond bread
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